About the Hall

The Beverley Memorial Hall is a Charity (Charity no. 523224) run by a Board of Trustees to be used as a Community / Arts Centre for the people of Beverley. Originally opened in 1959, there have been many changes.  It has recently undergone a major refurbishment program assisted by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC).

Beverley Memorial Hall at night.
Beverley Memorial Hall at night.

It now has up to date facilities and can cater for both large and small groups and we have Theatre and Conference facilities, a large modern kitchen plus a well stocked bar.

The building had originally been a “Chapel of Ease” for Beverley Minster (St John’s) but was deconsecrated in 1950 and subsequently converted for community use as the Beverley Memorial Hall. Although it served the community for over 50 years the decor became dated and the fabric of the building deteriorated, with the walls, roof & windows all needing extensive repair or replacement.

The ERYC sold the lease of the Beverley Picture Playhouse (see here) and were asked to use the proceeds for the support of the Memorial Hall, at that time the Memorial Hall was the only viable community venue remaining in Beverley. ERYC duly ringfenced the money from the Playhouse sale and a program of refurbishment was initiated for the Memorial Hall which included brickwork and masonry repairs, re-pointing, removal of asbestos, new roof, new double glazed windows, new walls & insulation for the stage (back stage had always been cold and draughty), the insulation & double glazing also acts as sound proofing to keep the neighbourhood quiet, new high efficiency heating boilers, refurbished kitchen plus a new  disabled access ramp for the front of the building. The old disabled access ramp on the north side of the building was refurbished and retained, giving an additional easy means of escape in the event of a fire or other emergency.