RolePlay by Alan Ayckbourn

RolePlay acomedy by Alan Ayckbourn

26th – 29th April 2017.  Curtain Up 7:30pm
Tickets: Adult £7 – Concess £6 – Family £18.50
From: Hallers Shoes, 2 North Bar Within. or Tourist Information, 34 Butcher Row.
Or On the Door Each Night (if not already sold out)
Or Online

Synopsis: ‘A young well-to-do couple, living in a posh docklands apartment, have planned a civilised occasion where they hope to introduce their respective parents and also announce their engagement. The tense situation escalates with the arrival of two unexpected guests, a feisty lap-dancing gangster’s moll and her burly gun-toting minder. What her parents (a bigoted northern stereotype and his dim twittering wife) and his mother (a toy-boy chasing lush) find when they arrive reveals that the bourgeois guests, under their respective veneers, are far more frightening than the gate crashers.